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NAFD responds to publication of Coronavirus Bill

Although we are still working our way through the detail of the Bill, the NAFD supports the government’s aim with this legislation, which applies to all nations of the UK. It is about putting in place the right measures, at the right time. For funeral directors, that’s about ensuring we can preserve the dignity of those who die and care for their bereaved families with compassion – even if they are not able to have the kind of funeral they would have wanted.

There are a number of provisions in the Bill that will support funeral directors during the peak of the outbreak. For example, funeral directors being able to assist with death registration may be particularly helpful if families are self-isolating – as will the ability to transfer registration documents digitally.

Providing the government recognises the importance of designating funeral service workers as key workers, we believe that this legislation – combined with ongoing dialogue at both a national government and local resilience forum level – will enable the funeral profession in being able to properly care for people who die, and their loved, ones at a very difficult time.

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