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What the Prime Minister’s announcement (23 March) means for funeral services

While funerals have been excluded from the ban on events taking place, announced this evening  (23 March) and funeral homes remain open, it is absolutely vital that funeral services abide by the objectives set out in the Government’s guidance and do not create an unnecessary risk of transmitting COVID-19 between those in attendance.

We will be clarifying a number of questions with the government tomorrow, including the maximum number of people that can attend a funeral – but our initial advice to funeral directors and the public is to arrange funerals over the phone wherever possible, restrict attendees to immediate close family only and respect social distancing guidelines.

We understand that this advice may be very difficult for families, and funeral directors will do everything they can to help families say good bye – using web streaming where possible to include other family members and perhaps planning a celebration of the person’s life in the months to come – but it is vitally important we respect Government guidance for social distancing, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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