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New COVID regulations in force today across much of the UK – what do they mean?

Today, the latest set of COVID-19 regulations comes into force across much of the UK – including the potential for fines  (and potential closure) for businesses that do not meet COVID secure standards.

Part of these updated regulations are requirements for retail staff in England and Wales to wear face coverings in places of work that are open to the public (already the case in Scotland). There are exemptions to this rule, but the guidance is silent on funeral home staff. Still waiting for clarification from the Cabinet Office if funeral staff in England are now legally required to wear face coverings when in contact with the public, but Public Health England supports our interim guidance to firms, which is to require staff to wear face coverings, unless exempt, until the guidance is clear. 

Businesses should also create their QR code for the new NHS Contact Tracing app. Click here for more details.

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