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England: Interim advice to funeral directors regarding liability of funeral firms over attendance breaches

Given the urgent need to clarify the situation, for all funeral directors, regarding liability over Coronavirus Act breaches in terms of funeral service attendance,  The NAFD has instructed an experienced QC who has written to Hertfordshire Police. The law firm is also reviewing NAFD guidance for all four UK nations, on this matter, to see if there are any additional recommendations it can make to reduce the risk of liability.

We have now published interim advice based on their initial response in respect of England – we urge funeral directors in England to read it carefully.

Click here for the interim guidance (issued on 29 January 2021) following consultation with our legal advisors.

This advice should be read in conjunction with our existing NAFD guidance ‘Enforcing COVID-secure Restrictions at Funerals’ and suggested template disclaimers, paying particular attention to getting confirmation from the family in writing that they understand the restrictions, not doing anything to provide details of the funeral location and time publicly – and flagging up any concerns in advance with the venue and relevant police force.

Click here for the NAFD Guidance on Enforcing COVID-secure Restrictions at Funerals (published November 2020)





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