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Northern Ireland: firms reminded not to breach COVID rules

Last week, the NAFD received several reports that funeral directors in Northern Ireland were placing details of when and where funerals were taking place online and/or in newspapers, which is against the legally enforceable guidance – and some were holding funerals at home and using limousines, both of which are also currently prohibited.

After lobbying from the NAFD NI Executive, some media publications in Northern Ireland have now stopped printing details of funerals, while at least one local authority has sent out reminder guidance to funeral directors, reminding them of what they can and cannot do. The Police Service of Northern Ireland have also been kept informed of alleged breaches.

We urge all  to act within the rules for the benefit, health and safety of themselves, their staff and their clients, and to help protect the reputation of the funeral profession. Please abide by the guidance, all of which can be found on this website in the Advice for Funeral Directors section.  Funeral firms breaching the rules may also find themselves subject to fixed penalty notices or a fine in court – and, in addition, NAFD members would face disciplinary action from the Association too.

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