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England: Application for reasonable excuse to leave self isolation to attend work

Attached below is an information letter from the Cabinet Office and the application form for applying for reasonable excuse provision to attend work during isolation.

The Cabinet Office have asked us to stress that that this is not an exemption. The reasonable excuse provision in the current regulations applies to designated critical workers, given the need to prevent significant harm to public welfare as a result of disruption to a critical service. You should also be aware that it would only apply to leaving home to go to work. At all other times, the rules of self-isolation would still apply

This provision will only apply to a very narrow cohort of critical workers in the funeral sector. The criteria are deliberately restrictive in order to maintain self-isolation as an effective tool against the spread of COVID-19.

If an individual within your business is told to self-isolate, and you believe that without their attendance at work there will be a significant harm to public welfare as a result of disruption to your services, you may apply for them to be considered to have a reasonable excuse to leave self-isolation.

You will need to fill out all the boxes in the accompanying Excel form (the form can be found on the second sheet, the first sheet is a process guidance note) and email it to and copy the email  to:

Please note that there are strict thresholds that need to be met for approval. The Cabinet Office advise that they will endeavour to process applications as quickly as possible, but speed will critically depend on the number and quality of applications received.

Funeral directors are therefore advised to only submit requests for cases that clearly meet the criteria and once all other options have been exhausted.  

FINAL Funeral Sector Reasonable Excuse Provision letter.docx (2)

Copy of 2021 – OFFICIAL SENSITIVE – Funeral Sector – Critical Workers Form

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