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Minimising the risk of transmission

Funeral directors remain absolutely committed to supporting all bereaved people at this very difficult time, but are rightly concerned about increasing the risk of infection to both at-risk groups of mourners and to all those in key worker roles. Like supermarket workers and other essential services, funeral employees have a vitally important and sensitive job to do and so it is critical they are able to do it safely, by being able to stay within the social distancing rules.

n England, if you would like your funeral director to visit you in your own home, they will not be required to wear personal protective equipment. However, you should:

  • maintain a safe distance (at least 2 metres)
  • on entry to the home, provide them with facilities to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds – where facilities to wash hands are not available, hand sanitiser should be used, and funeral directors should carry this with them at all times

If you wish to visit a funeral home to arrange a funeral, then in England and Scotland you will be required to wear a face covering (in Scotland this is already in force, in England it becomes mandatory on 8 August).

Funerals should not be arranged in person if anyone involved has symptoms or should be self-isolating, in accordance with government advice.

If you wish to view the deceased person by visiting the Chapel of Rest, please discuss this with your funeral director.

On the day

Many firms have now safely re-introduced limousines for bereaved clients, following guidance to ensure they can be used safely, including the use of perspex screens,  limiting the number travelling to ensure they can sit as far back as possible and additional cleaning.

Face coverings are required during all indoor funeral services (including places of worship, burial ground chapels and crematoria) in England and Scotland. In Northern Ireland and Wales face coverings are recommended but not mandatory.

Webcasting/live streaming of the funeral service (using professional or personal devices) may still be possible – thereby enabling other mourners to still participate without putting themselves and others at risk of harm.

Please don’t publicly advertise the funeral details to reduce the risk of other, well-meaning mourners arriving unexpectedly. This is not permitted under current social distancing laws. and they may be turned away at the door, which could be distressing for them and the bereaved family. It will also place your employees at unnecessary risk of harm.

All charitable collections should be done online.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

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