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For funeral firms

PHE COVID surveillance Weekly Report

Cremation form changes – Ministry of Justice

Coronavirus Act 2020

Death registration (Coronavirus Act) – England and Wales

Suspension of the review of the Medical Certificate Cause of Death (Coronavirus Act) – Scotland

Death registration (Coronavirus Act) – Northern Ireland

Deceased Management Advisory Group (as well as on main navigation bar)

Health and Safety Executive – Managing Infection Risks when Handling Deceased

Public Health England guidance for care of deceased people known or suspected to be infected with COVID-19

Local resilience forums –  contact details

For the public

Bereavement advice and support

Cruse Bereavement Care

Cruse Bereavement Care (Scotland)

Grief Share (Northern Ireland)

National Bereavement Service

Winston’s Wish – for grieving children

Child Bereavement UK

Quaker Social Action: Down to earth

Find a funeral director

Funeral Directory (NAFD members)

Faith and belief groups

Church of England

Church of Scotland

Church of Ireland

Catholic Church (England and Wales)

Catholic Church (Scotland)

Catholic Church (Northern Ireland)

The Buddhist Society

Muslim Council of Britain

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

United Synagogue

Funeral celebrants

Institute of Civil Funerals

Civil Ceremonies

Humanists UK

Humani (Northern Ireland)

Humanist Society Scotland

State financial support

Children’s Funeral Fund (England)

Social Fund Funeral Expenses Payment (England, Wales)

Funeral Support Payment (Scotland)

Funeral Expenses Payment (Northern Ireland)

Funeral plan queries

Funeral Planning Authority


Latest News

Latest news

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